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The versatile System 10 fits easily to most tractor makes and models, and handles virtually any size of big bale, round or square, wrapped or unwrapped.

The heart of the System 10 is the hydraulically controlled mounting frame which attaches to the front end loader or rear three point linkage of your tractor.



Simply by removing the combo attachments, i.e. the multi spikes, soft arms, etc. the System 10 converts into a very handy forklift, and if you also have a front end loader attachment you can double its versatility.



The Hustler System 10 single spike combo is designed primarily for handling hard centre big round bales. It mounts directly to the tractors 3PL and hydraulics, allowing complete control from the comfort and safety of the driver's seat.
The System 10 is gutsy and strong, manufactured from high grade 6mm steel, yet still lightweight and the proximity with which it mounts to the tractor gives it incredible stability.
The single spike combo features fully activating hydraulic side arms that clamp the bale positively and securely during transport and the free wheeling ‘spike' hubs and the adjustable clamping pressure of the side arms allows for precision controlled feed out.



The System 10 multi spike combo is designed to handle the soft centre type of big bale with its 5 spikes per side giving maximum hold no matter how soft the bale. It attaches and works exactly the same as the single spike combo.



The Hustler System 10 soft hands combo gently handles virtually any size and shape of bale, even the softest wrapped bales, with amazing dexterity. The unique 3 dimensional shape of the oversized ‘hands' allow the bale to be picked up from any direction; they can even be nudged over without damage.

The very slim vertical profile of the soft hand ensures close, even stacking and the loader crowd ram allows the bale to be rotated through 90deg.

The soft hands combo is fully compatible with all proprietary front end loaders and connects quickly and simply to the loader frame and hydraulics, again for safe, convenient driver seat control.



Originated by Hustler, the soft arm combo is purpose designed for picking up wrapped round bales in the field, transporting, and then tipping them onto their flat ends for storage. Again all hydraulically operated from the driver's seat.



Designed to handle medium and big square bales, the Hustler System 1 0 square arm combo hydraulically grabs and holds the bale with the clever floating side arms remaining parallel. A wide variety of bale widths can be handled.



  • Equaliser Bar
  • Double Back Frame
  • Dual Purpose Hydraulic Top Link Ram
  • Loader Adapters


Hustler Equipment Sales reserves the right to alter specifications, components and design without prior notice.

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ModelSystem 10
Approx 150kg


Fork Arms

Single spike combo

Single spike combo with double back frame

Multi spike combo

Multi spike combo

Soft hand combo

Soft hand combo

Soft arm combo

Soft arm combo

Square arm combo

Square arm combo