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It's the scarcest commodity on your farm. So we aim to give you more of time, with machinery that increases productivity, one minute at a time.

It starts by listening. What do Farmers need now? Then we ask, 'How can our technology fulfil those needs in new ways, in the future?' Once the design process is complete, the workshop whirrs and prototypes take shape. Innovations are refined on the farm, and a machine's mettle is tested. Finally it's put into production.

Wilfred Giltrap started this journey in 1959. With over fifty years of experience, how much time will we be able to save you?

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Innovation born on the farm

Half a century since our inception, we’re still busy innovating to keep you ahead of the herd.

Our design process starts by listening to Farmers: what's working well, and what could be improved?

Is there a new way to face an old challenge? Or an old way to face a new one?

Farmers answers get us thinking. Research insights develop into design concepts. Prototypes of a new design begin to take shape; they’re refined by testing in the field, to see how theory holds up in practice. As well as being smart, any innovation has to be pragmatic and dependable. If a prototype shows some weakness, that's great - it moves us one step closer to the breakthrough we're striving for...

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Attention to detail


We sweat the small stuff so you won't have to. Our painstaking diligence means you might not notice many of the design features - because they won't ever play up. But when you do notice them, it's for the right reasons. For instance, our G2 Bale Feeder can connect & be operated from the front or the rear. It's a one-of-a-kind feeder, but this agile feature doesn't make it more complex, or expensive. It's just a smart innovation, based on a strong idea.

Bespoke solutions can also be developed for specific issues - a challenge our engineers relish. And all of our machinery has optional add-ons so you can tailor them to your needs.

Commitment to details is what makes Giltrap equipment superior. The novel thinking of our engineers is matched by their absolute dedication to crafting every machine.

Deliberately Lean

How can farmers get the highest reward for their efforts?  Usually it’s by working as smart as you do hard.  You've only got so many hours in a day, and it's about using them as efficiently as possible.

We strive hard to become more efficient too.  Giltrap is focused on being a lean business and we're committed to improving our processes all of the time, constantly reviewing them and making sure that we're doing the best job we can, in the most effective way.

This extends to providing customers with exactly what they need - starting with getting the right information from you and delivering what you want, when you want it for your farm or agribusiness.

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Engineered to Perform

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Our innovation is driven by Farmers' requirements. We focus our energy on understanding the mechanics of your daily farm routines to engineer solutions that are in sync with your operations so you can get things done better, faster.



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